Wednesday Widows

Wednesday Widows

Wednesday Widows is a support group for women (of any age and stage of their lives) who have lost a spouse by death and have not remarried.   Meetings are held at 10 am the second Wednesday of every month.   (Call the church office for group leader contact information.)  Below are some beautiful testimonials submitted by members of this support group:


"What a wonderful gift from God to be able to share the loss of a spouse with others who understand where you are on your grief journey.  I am so blessed to be a part of this group of old friends and new , traveling on this journey with a newfound sense of support and hope".  Ruth H.


"These meetings have made me realize that I'm not alone and that other women are going through the same thing.  I have friends I can call if I need them to talk to if I'm lonely or sad."  B. Sanchez


"The Wednesday Widows group gives you the chance to speak openly about our spouses and the lives that we shared, knowing that we are amongst ladies that truly understand and are compassionate.  Their support lifts me up and makes me look forward to our gatherings." Mary D.


"I am glad to be with ladies who can relate to what I have gone through.  All of these ladies share the same sense of loss that I have.  They understand my loneliness.  I am hoping to continue this relationship with these ladies." Sandra H.


"I think I will benefit greatly from attending each month.  I enjoyed the fellowship and sharing of the women and look forward to our next meeting.  Thank God that He put this idea in your head for all of us to enjoy and learn from each others experiences." Pat


"The song "People" says, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world"  I am one of those people.  God has given me wonderful, loving, generous and friendly ladies to share in this new way of living.  It's nice to be understood-REALLY understood.  It's great to laugh and cry and pray together.  Sharing our faith helps us to see our purpose in the new way of living.  I like that the ladies are here for me and I like that I can be here for them." C