Please contact Lessie Gautreau at [email protected] to sign up/learn more about these service opportunities:

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest celebrant and deacon during Mass. This ministry welcomes boys and girls of our parish who have made their First Eucharist and are entering the third grade or older. Altar servers usually serve on a rotating schedule at the Mass their parents normally attend. Training classes are required. 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Extraordinary Ministers perform a great service to St.Theresa Catholic Church by assisting priests and deacons with the distribution of Holy Communion during all Eucharistic celebrations. Ministers serve on a rotating basis and all must be commissioned prior to service by attending a training seminar.



Lectors assist during the Liturgy of the Word by proclaiming the first and second readings. The Lectors also join the opening procession when there is no Deacon present raising the Book of Gospels through the Assembly and placing it on the altar. Each lector is provided a helpful workbook which helps with pronunciation of words as well as other speaking tips. Lectors must be in at least the 9th grade or older and must attend a training session prior to serving.



Ushers serve by greeting members at the entrance, assisting in seating the congregation, collecting the offertory, directing communion lines and passing out the bulletins. Ushering is a great privilege and a sacred duty and we are always happy to have additional volunteers.