Prayer List

Please pray for all who are sick, suffering, recovering and for those who care for them.  

Robin Williams

Lawrence Washington

Mary Babin

Gwen Kling

June Mire

Jean Marse

Donner Boudreaux

Beverly Landaiche

Reggie Furlow

Dale Collie

Chris & Eddie Viada

Vicki Babin Garcich

Mark Jewell

Ann Schneller

Reggie Furlow

Peggy Chance

Theresa Bazile

Drew Moscona

Geraldine LaCombe

Marley Frakes

Robin Haile

Flory Reynolds

"Big Rich" Landry

Dale Collie

Mark Jewel

E.P. Braud

Cindy Melugin

Sondra Marchand

Rose Fontenot

Greg Dugas

Nolan Simoneaux

Paulette Beatty

Russell Jewel

Rhonda Maronge

Family of Jeanette Maher

Family of Kenny LeBlanc

Family of Captain "Billy" Watson

Family of James & Shirley Harrington