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AFE HAVEN SUNDAY — Equipping the Family: Having Critical Conversations
The constant flood of influnce that comes through the Internet and social media in all of its various forms, along with social pressures from peers make it difficult for children to live virtuous and holy lives. In the digital age, its not a matter of IF your child will see something inappropriate online. It’s only a matter of WHEN. And regrettably, internet pornography is warping those innocent minds and hearts on how and what to think about themselves, about sex and about marriage.
Real, honest, “look them in the eyes” conversations about their deep questions. These conversations,along with some other measures we will be discussing over the week, can truly help our homes grow as Safe Havens where our children’s minds and hearts can be nurtured in the Truth and Compassion of the Gospel of Christ.
The Diocese of Baton Rouge has partnered with Covenant Eyes to provide powerful and practical resources for parents and families. You can download a free copy of “CONFIDENT: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure” by texting CONFIDENT to 66866.
You can also participate in the “Safe Digital Family Challenge” and receive an email for seven days with practical steps you can take to digitally protect your children and safeguard your family. Simply text SECURE to 66866. English and spanish exitions are available for all of these materials.
In Christ, The Divine Mercy,
Fr Eric
Hi Everybody, Fr Eric here,
The last twelve months may seem like we have been living through a perpetual Lent. Certainly, we have all had a number of sacrifices, large and small, forced upon us. The approach of the 40 Days of Lent may feel about as exciting as anticipating a root canal!
But the holy and penitential season of Lent is far different from a pandemic lockdown. The spiritual disciplines and practices of Lent are something that we voluntarily embrace with joy. And they are much more about what is going on inside of us than what is happening outside of us. In order to experience the renewal and new life that Lent summons us to, we have to be willing to engage in a bit of “weed-killing”. The spiritual call of Lent acknowledges that are hearts easily become entangled, choked off, strangled, and smothered by the weeds and overgrowth of the world.
Through Lent we are invited to welcome Christ, the Master-Gardener of our hearts, and submit to his thorough soul-scaping.
In the attachments included with this post, you will find some useful gardening tools that should help us work alongside Christ, the Master-Gardener of our Hearts.
Have a Holy and Meangingful Lent,
Peace, Fr Eric





Hi Kids, Fr Eric here,
Below are a couple of things that can help us journey with Jesus thru the 40 Days of Lent to Easter.
Each day of Lent you can count off the 40 days (Sundays are not counted since they are like little Easters) until we reach Easter. Each day you can also choose one or more of the good acts on the Easter Egg. Once you have completed that good act, you can color that spot on the Easter egg. By Easter you will have a beautiful, colorful egg to help you celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and how he has helped us live a life more like Jesus.
Have a joyful, loving and holy Lent!
Peace, Fr Eric







“The Diocese of Baton Rouge is excited to announce the launch its new website at  The new website contains information about all of the offices and apostolates that constitute the Catholic Life Center, individual profiles and histories of each of our church parishes, and a parish finder that uses location services to help users locate the next Mass closest to their current location.  Visit to learn about these and other features of this new, powerful tool to aid in our continued efforts of evangelization.”













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Un anuncio sobre La Planificacion Familiar Natural, que es el termino utilizado para referirse a los metodos de planificacion familiar naturales, saludables y moralmente aceptados que recominda la Iglesia Catolica.  El Padre Timoteo , desea que todos lo matrimonios que viven en esta Diocesis conozcan mas acerca de los metodos de planificacion familiar recomendados por la Iglesia Catolica. Si alguna pareja de esta diocesis or la parroquia de St. Theresa of Avila usa alguno de los metodos de planificacion recomendados por la Iglesia Catolica, y esta duspuesta a ensenar a otras parejas como usar estos metodos, por favor contactese con el Padre Timoteo o la oficina de la parroquia de St. Theresa 225-647-6588.





















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The Franciscan Experience is a 5-day, overnight retreat for high school students who want to “cast their net” and experience who God is calling you to be! This special opportunity will open yourselves to the amazing gift of life and how to flourish in it.  Gather with your peers to pray, learn, serve, discover, and have some fun while we are at it!  Go to to learn more and apply



Are you or someone you know interested in becoming Catholic?


The RCIA Program is a faith formation process by which adults become full members of the Catholic community.

People who feel called to the Catholic community are enabled to deepen their faith while at the same time learning the

traditions of the Catholic Church. While education is an important component, it is primarily a formation process.

This is an opportunity to come together with a community of adults to grow in faith, and prayerfully consider God's timing in discerning decisions to become Catholic or receive Sacraments. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

If you would like more information or would like to begin discerning the Catholic faith contact Alice Blair, Director of Christian Formation, (225) 647-6588 or [email protected]





¿Está usted o alguien que conoce interesado en ser católico?


El Programa RICA es un proceso de formación de fe por el cual los adultos se convierten en miembros de pleno derecho de la comunidad católica. Las personas que se sienten llamadas a la comunidad católica pueden profundizar su fe al mismo tiempo que aprenden las tradiciones de la Iglesia católica. Si bien la educación es un componente importante, es principalmente un proceso de formación. Esta es una oportunidad para reunirse con una comunidad de adultos para crecer en la fe y considerar en oración el momento de Dios para discernir las decisiones de convertirse en católicos o recibir sacramentos. Las sesiones se llevan a cabo los martes por la noche de 6:30 a 8:00 p.m. en ingles o espanol los domingos de 11:30-1:00pm.


Si desea obtener más información o desea comenzar a discernir la fe católica, comuníquese con

Angela Tovar, Asistente Directora de Formación Cristiana, (225) 647-6588 o [email protected].




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